Brooklyn Museum Releases Five New KAWS T-Shirts to Complement the Exhibition

The Brooklyn Museum has announced that all visitors with a ticket to the “KAWS: WHAT PARTY” exhibition will have first dibs on new t-shirt designs by the artist. Four new colorways have been added to the popular exhibition tee shirt featuring KAWS’ URGE artwork. Additionally, a new design featuring the artist’s Along the Way has been added. The early access will last up until September 1 and can only be purchased via the museum’s physical shop.

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In one of his largest shows to date, “KAWS: WHAT PARTY” explores the artist’s meteoric rise from tagging the streets of New York to turning into a global art sensation. The exhibition features over 100 works across sketchbook drawings and paintings, furniture and small collectibles, to his iconic sculptures. Also on view are new augmented reality works in conjunction with Acute Art, a digital platform by Swedish curator Daniel Birnbaum.

“KAWS: WHAT PARTY” is on view at the Brooklyn Museum until September 5.

Also on view in New York, the Met is showcasing an extensive collection of baseball cards by the late-Jefferson R. Burdick.

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