Burger King's "Gourmet Kings" Range Will Elevate Your Takeout Order

Burger King U.K. has announced the launch of its new “Gourmet Kings” range, consisting of two new luxurious burgers dubbed “The Argentinian” and “The Steakhouse.”

The 100% flame-grilled British and Irish Aberdeen Angus beef burgers kick off a new range of burgers for those looking to elevate their fast food experience. In a special launch, the restaurant chain blindfolded unassuming foodies before serving them the two burgers, allowing them to use their senses to fully emerge themselves in the luxury flavors that lay between the two buns.

“The Argentinian” is a newcomer for Burger King, and packs sliced onions, fresh rocket, and British and Irish oak smoked cheddar cheese, while a dash of chilli sauce, an additional layer of crispy onions, and Chimichurri mayo top off the burger before being sandwiched into a toasted golden brioche bun.

As for “The Steakhouse,” tomatoes, crispy onions, rocket, and mayo sit atop the beef patties alongside melted oak smoked cheddar, sweet crispy bacon slices and BBQ sauce.

Speaking on the range, Katie Evans, Chief Marketing Officer at Burger King U.K., said: “Our new Gourmet Kings collection has been in development for over a year. We took the time to create and source the perfect ingredients to complement and elevate our flame-grilled, 100% Aberdeen Angus beef. With oak smoked British and Irish cheddar and layers of fresh ingredients, we’re delighted to finally serve the Gourmet Kings range to customers across our restaurants and via delivery.”

To get your mouth around the burgers, head to the Burger King app to order either before they officially launch on October 11 in restaurants nationwide.

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