Chrissy Teigen's 3-Year-Old Daughter Likes Her 'Boyfriend' For the Best Reasons

Celebrity kids, they grow up so fast! Chrissy Teigen’s 3-year-old daughter Luna describes her “cute boyfriend” in an new video posted to Instagram, and it’s (obviously) insanely adorable — but also kind of impressive. Luna describing what she likes about her friend shows a 3-year-old with a strong sense of what’s important, and we have to credit parents Teigen and John Legend with that. As the commenters were quick to point out, Luna is wise behind her years (and, yes, Teigen’s already on the hunt for who this boy is).

The video, posted to Instagram last night, shows Luna answering Teigen’s questions about this friend. “He always listens to my feelings,” Luna starts out. “He always shares.” Teigen jumps in: “Is he cute?” (It’s a quick “Yeah” from Luna.) “What does he look like?” Teigen presses. “He has really long hair, all the way to here,” Luna replies, adding when prompted that he has brown hair.

Then, the kicker: “Is he your boyfriend?” Teigen dares. “No,” Luna says emphatically, starting to smile. “He’s my CUTE CUTE boyfriend.” (To be fair, it actually sounds like she says “boy-krend.” But we assume that’s what she was going for.) Teigen captured the precious video like this: “oh mannnnn what the!? you’re three!!!”

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oh mannnnn what the!? you’re three!!!

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The top comment under this video is dad Legend’s, and he seems to approve of his daughter’s pick: “Always listen to her feelings,” Legend writes. Other commenters are equally impressed with Luna’s good taste. “She’s won half the battle and that’s recognizing you need someone who LISTENS WELL!!!!” reporter Kirbie Johnson writes. “She’s got her priorities in order better than most,” singer Maelyn Jarmon adds.

As for mom Teigen, she’s primarily concerned with finding out exactly who this boy is that’s captured Luna’s heart. But as she shared on Twitter, she ran into some classic Chrissy foibles on the way.

“I accidentally emailed 2 entire schools asking who Luna’s boy-friend is instead of just her teachers because she doesn’t know his name,” Teigen writes. We’ll be here with popcorn awaiting further developments.

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