Cole Bennett Teases Lyrical Lemonade [email protected]

Music video director Cole Bennett has revealed new images of the upcoming Lyrical Lemonade x Medicom Toy [email protected] collaboration. “A lyrical lemonade Bearbrick has always been a dream of mine…and now we’re here,” he said on his Instagram.

The [email protected] has so far been revealed in 100% and 400% versions and will be limited to 800 sets. Designed based on the multimedia company’s box-carton logo, the [email protected] come dressed in a light blue and yellow color scheme with “Lyrical Lemonade” displayed on the front and “100% REAL MUSIC” printed on the striped back. The hands are colored flesh tone, and ears come mismatched in yellow and red/clear in reference to the straw. The packaging box is decorated in a dynamic mix of cartoon graphics of lemons, straws, daisies, and more to complete the offering.

A release date has yet to be revealed, but Cole Bennet is giving away a free [email protected] set to the best comment on his Instagram post found below.

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