Donald Trump Reportedly Wanted to Dress as Superman After Beating Covid, According to Bombshell New Book

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Maggie Haberman’s new book, Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America
, is making headlines and so many of the stories coming out of the publication have us scratching our heads. It seems that Donald Trump never gave up his reality TV show roots because some of the antics claimed in the book don’t really fit with how a US President is supposed to act.

One of the major turning points in the 2020 election came at the tail end of the campaign cycle when Donald Trump came down with COVID. After leaving the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center upon his recovery from what appeared to be a very serious case of the virus, his dramatic mask removal moment might have been more planned than Americans ever knew — in fact, he wanted to take it up several notches and emerge from the hospital like a superhero.

According to an excerpt obtained by Axios, “[H]e would be wheeled out of Walter Reed in a chair and, once outdoors, he would dramatically stand up, then open his button-down dress shirt to reveal [a] Superman logo beneath it. (Trump was so serious about it that he called the campaign headquarters to instruct an aide, Max Miller, to procure the Superman shirts; Miller was sent to a Virginia big-box store.).” Can you imagine if Donald Trump was able to execute this moment flawlessly? It would have been baffling, hysterical, and unbelievable all at once.

Haberman writes that his inspiration came from “the singer James Brown, whom he loved watching toss off his cape while onstage, but it was in line with his love of professional wrestling as well.” As we all know, that moment never came to fruition, but it marked a turn in the election where it suddenly seemed like Donald Trump was beatable. COVID turned out to be his kryptonite.

Whether you love or hate him, former President Donald Trump has been an enigma for decades. Journalist Maggie Haberman takes onlookers deeper than ever before in her long-awaited biography Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America

which goes in-depth on his rise in business to fall after his presidency. With intimate accounts and deep research, this biography is going to give everyone the in-depth look everyone’s been craving, to understand the inner workings of the controversial former President finally.

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