Drone Racing League Releases a $25,000 USD Drone Bed

Drone Racing League has released a peculiar Drone Bed ahead of the holiday season inspired by its flagship DRL Racer4 quadcopter that’s raced by its pilots for this year’s DRL World Championship season.

The drone beds are available in twin and full sizes and feature red LED lights surrounding the bed, spinning propellor pillows made of high-density foam, and a fiberboard frame coated in high-grade scratch-resistant furniture paint. A TV mount can also be added at the end of the bed upon request, and sleep masks in the shape of First Person View drone goggles come with the offering.

The made-to-order drone beds can now be purchased on the Drone Racing League website for $25,000 USD and will arrive approximately 2-4 months after the order is placed.

In other news, Christie’s is auctioning two artifacts from The Birth of Wikipedia.
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