Eagle-Eyed Fans Noticed the Royal Rule Pippa Middleton Has Unnecessarily Followed for Over a Decade

We know Kate Middleton and Prince William have to adhere to a bunch of royal rules and protocols. And despite them breaking a few now and then, they follow them ardently — especially Kate when it comes to her wardrobe. Especially with royal events, Kate makes sure she wears clothing that is approved by royal standards: modest clothing, nothing that shoes knees, and no wedges. While she has to follow this closely, that doesn’t mean her family has to, but that doesn’t stop her sister Pippa Middleton from strictly following one fashion royal rule.

Whether she’s out and about, or at a royal event for her sister Kate, Pippa follows the controversial rule of having sensible short nails without bold colorful varnish, sparkles, etc. No matter where, Pippa is seen with sensible, short nails with pale nude and pinkish colors, per Woman & Home via MSN.

Like her sister Kate, Pippa reportedly wears Essie’s pale shade called “Allure,” and the late Queen Elizabeth II’s alleged favorite shade of Essie’s “Ballet Slippers” to adhere to this controversial protocol.

Now, why is it controversial? Kate previously wore darker nail polish for the 2023 Easter celebration, causing a stir with royal experts and critics. While some experts like Finding Freedom author Omid Scobie say “There’s no actual protocol about dark nail polish. It’s simply about being appropriate—we’d never see this [dark nails] at a royal engagement;” others disagree.

Royal etiquette expert William Hanson told The Sun said that colored polish is a no-go. “Hot red and bright pink, for example, are not correct, especially for official occasions and particularly during mourning.” He added that permitted colors are “translucent or dusky pink.”

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