Emerging Jeweler Hunt & Co. Crafts Delicate "Hearts and Veins" Collection

Emerging British jeweler Harry Hunt has released a new collection under his eponymous label Hunt & Co., dubbed “Hearts and Veins.”

While his work is often focused on crafting custom engagement rings and high-end fashion collections, notably one with the fashion influencer SANGIEV, Hunt & Co. has now turned its attention to creating a range of unisex pieces made from solid sterling silver, gold plating, and lab-grown VS diamonds.

As Hunt explains, “The Veins collection is based off the traditional silhouettes of signet rings with detailing inspired by gold veins found in the ground when mining using a two-tone plating technique.” From there, he sets the VS diamonds — which total around 0.6 carats — in a pavé manner, before detailing the veins in a gold-plated finish.

In the hearts range, there’s the Four Stone Heart Ring that features garnet, peridot, topaz, and citrine rubover-set stones on the face of a cushion shape signet ring, sitting in gold bezels atop of a sterling silver base. The same approach is applied to a ring with three stones and another with just two stones, as well as a sterling silver necklace.

From starting the venture in his bedroom with just £200 to now working out of his studio in Hatton Garden, Harry Hunt’s label is yet another emerging jewelry brand from London that needs to be on your radar. His collection can be seen above, and is available to buy on the Hunt & Co. website.
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