Glenfiddich To Release Rare $18K USD Whisky As NFTs

In partnership with BlockBar, an NFT marketplace for luxury wine and spirits, Glenfiddich will be pairing its rare whisky with NFT artwork for its next limited release.

The brand will be launching 15 bottles of a rare single malt Scotch whisky from 1973 on BlockBar’s new platform. The 46-year-old whisky features rich and fruity tones and spent more than two decades in an Armagnac cask to achieve its distinct finish.

Each bottle will be sold for $18,000 and it’s expected that the whole collection will sell out practically immediately. Successful buyers will receive an artistic impression of the whisky bottle in the form of an NFT, which serves as their certificate of ownership. The buyer will then have the option to resell or transfer the NFT at any time through the BlockBar platform or to redeem it for the physical version of the whisky.

Since Blockbar’s debut on October 13, Glenfiddich marks the first luxury spirits brand to be sold on the platform.

The first series of Glenfiddich NFTs will launch on Blockbar on October 19, available for purchase with Ethereum (ETH) or by credit card.

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