Paul McCartney Cracks Yoko Ono Joke in First Trailer for Peter Jacksons The Beatles Documentary

The very first sneak peek into the upcoming new documentary series directed by the ‘Lord of the Rings’ filmmaker about the iconic Fab Four has hit the web.

AceShowbiz -The first trailer for Peter Jackson‘s much-anticipated Fab Four film, “The Beatles: Get Back“, has been released.

The filmmaker has meticulously restored hours of footage, shot by Michael Lindsay-Hogg in 1969, as the group was trying to record 14 new songs in preparation for their fabled rooftop concert in London.

Jackson’s three-part series, which will debut on Disney+ next month (Nov21), features original footage and segments from more than 150 hours of unheard audio, most of which has been locked in a vault for over half a century.

The docu-series features the Beatles‘ last live performance as a group for the first time in its entirety, and the tensions within the group leading up to the gig.

In one stunning slip from the trailer, Paul McCartney jokes about John Lennon‘s future wife Yoko Ono splitting up the band – something that has become a Beatles myth over the years.

He quips, “It’s gonna be such a comical thing, like in 50 years’ time, they broke up because Yoko sat on an amp.”

Many Beatles historians believe her presence at the band’s final sessions prompted the split in 1970.

Meanwhile, drummer Ringo Starr is looking forward to the release of Jackson’s docu-series because he feels Lindsay-Hogg’s 1969 film, “Let It Be“, sucked the fun out of the band.

Ringo insists it’s a much better film than the one Lindsay-Hogg made because it doesn’t focus on disputes among bandmates.

“I didn’t feel any joy in the original documentary; it was all focused on one moment which went down between two of the lads (Paul McCartney and George Harrison),” Ringo said during a Zoom interview earlier this year (21), while praising Jackson for his focus on The Beatles’ Apple Corps rooftop concert in 1969.

“The rooftop concert was also only about seven to eight minutes long,” he added. “With Peter’s (documentary) it’s 43 minutes long. It’s about the music and a lot of joy. I had several talks with Peter about how I felt (about original film). I thought it was miserable. I said, ‘There was lots of laughter, I was there, we were laughing, we were having fun. We were playing and doing what we do.’ “

“Peter kept coming into L.A. with his iPad and he’d show me sections. He said, ‘Look what I’ve found here’, and he showed us laughing and having fun as a band. There was a lot of joy in making those records, those tracks, so I’m certainly looking forward to seeing the whole thing.”

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