Google Searches May Soon Come With Community-Sourced Notes

Google appears to be taking a page out of X’s book with its own version of Community Notes. The platform is working on an experimental feature called Notes that provides context to information, contributed by Google’s own community.

Developed by Google’s Search Labs, the company said that research showed that people are interested in what other users have to say about a given topic. Notes are designed to pair with search results, providing an additional layer of “human insight.”

“Notes will let people share their knowledge right on Search, helping others find the best answers for their weirdest or most wonderfully unique questions, and discover what’s most useful for them on the web,” the company wrote in its announcement.

Users will have to opt in to view Notes on their Search Labs settings while the feature is in beta. Once activated, they can tap the “Notes” button on the Google app and on articles on the Discover webpage.

They’ll also be able to add their own Notes when they have thoughts about a given article or search result. Posts can be customized using text, stickers and photos. In the US, Google is planning to allow users to add AI-generated imagery to their Notes as well.

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