Here’s Why Fans Are Worried That Grey’s Anatomy Is Ending With Season 17

Season 17 has thrown Grey’s Anatomy fans for a loop for many reasons, but now the grief-heavy installment has us asking one very big question: is this the last chapter of our favorite medical drama?

The Nov. 12 premiere of the current season started with plenty of drama, as it reflected the real-world pandemic. The doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital were emotionally wrought with the chaos and death COVID-19 brought into the hospital and the utter hopelessness they felt as they worked to save their dying patients. Then Meredith Grey collapsed in the hospital parking lot, and we got the biggest surprise in seasons — the return of Patrick Dempsey’s Derek Shepherd! Viewers quickly learned that Meredith contracted COVID-19, and while her body was struggling with the symptoms, her mind had taken her to a limbo, where she stumbled across her late husband and good friend George O’Malley. As Meredith contemplated death and her coworkers battled for her life in the real world, fans began to wonder, was Grey’s going to kill off their titular character after 17 seasons?

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