Immerse Yourself In cent.ldn's Candle-Lit Oasis

cent.ldn is leading a revolution for British candlemakers, building a growing dynasty of shape-shifting scents. Founded by Hayley Mack in 2020, cent.ldn provides bespoke candles that double as homeware, revamping a Victorian estate for its local community.

Mack’s run-down residential home receives a cent.ldn refresh with candle-driven renovations that will keep visitors in awe. The modern oasis is led by three-dimensional candles that mimic functioning sculptures, seeing waxed speakers and alcoholic drinks decorate rooms alongside burning glass versions. Artistic BE@RBRICKs reside in fireplaces grasping brightened candle sticks, setting fire to modernist rooms with custom fixtures.

The beautiful home is designed with Karta luxury sustainable flooring that keeps environmental impact in mind, seeing Craig & Rose paintings hang from walls with sophistication. The showroom includes collaborative pictures and a fully stocked bar by industry-leading distillers.

Take a closer look at cent.ldn’s showroom renovation in the gallery above.
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