Katy Perry's Dog-Filled Music Video For "Small Talk" Is Best in Show

Katy Perry knows what the people want: dogs! And more dogs! Dogs doing tricks! Dogs wearing tiny outfits! Dogs who bear a startling resemblance to their owners! All can be found in the pup-filled music video for her latest single, “Small Talk,” which sees the pop star (and expert prankster) taking on the role of an overachieving dog mom out to win a Westminster-like competition called the “Mutt Ball,” which looks like it was designed by Wes Anderson.

The visuals for her breakup bop not only include Perry donning some fabulously over-the-top ensembles, but also costar her real-life teacup poodle, Nugget. The itty-bitty dog even gets to have Lady and the Tramp-style romance of her own with a fellow contestant’s Weimaraner. Watch the adorable, colorful video above, and then check out the cheeky Instagram post Perry shared about the video.

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