Kelly Clarkson Dishes on Her Talk Show, Her Vegas Residency, and a "Magical" New Song

Kelly Clarkson amazes us every time she covers hit songs on The Kelly Clarkson Show. Between crooning Sia’s “Chandelier” and Post Malone’s “Better Now,” no genre is off limits for the illustrious American Idol winner. So how does the 37-year-old star choose which tunes to perform? “There are lists that are sent in and submitted from fans. So far, every request has been really cool. [My team] also makes lists,” Clarkson told POPSUGAR over the phone on Nov. 12. “If people say, ‘We want you to cover this,’ and I’ve already done the song, we might pick a different song from the same artist.” Although all of her performances are top-notch, Clarkson cited her covers of Lizzo’s “Juice” and Heart’s “Alone” as two of her favorite “Kellyoke” moments.

Tackling other legendary singers is a bit daunting, even for her. Prime example: when she sang “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston. Clarkson admitted that performing a classic hit by such an icon was nerve-racking. “I was like, ‘Why the hell am I covering Whitney Houston? Oh, my god.’ It’s just hard to cover her because it’s like no one’s going to win.” (For what it’s worth, we thought she rocked the performance.)

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