Simon Cowell booed live on air as he makes huge change to X Factor: Celebrity

Simon Cowell announced some huge changes to X Factor: Celebrity this week, explaining that he'd got rid of the polarising Safe Seats because of backlash on social media.

That means none of the remaining acts are guaranteed a safe spot in next week's episode, which is very risky.

The music mogul said: "I actually do read social media and they said they hated them so they've got. That was it."

Host Dermot O'Leary replied: "I mean, let's be realistic about that… Someone you pay reads social media and they said they hate them, so that's why you've got rid of them."

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Agreeing, Simon quietly nodded and said: "Well, yes."

After Simon made the shocking announcement, the studio audience showered him with thunderous boos – so it seems he can't please anyone.

The Safe Seats have provided a much needed life line to a number of acts throughout the competition.

Each judge was allowed to hand a seat to one act, which would mean they couldn't be eliminated by the public or judges' vote.

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Back in week one, Jenny Ryan, Jony Label and Try Star were the lucky acts to be given the Safe Seats.

Week two saw Love Island super group No Love Lost, Kevin McHale and Try Star again handed the seats,

Last week, Kevin again, twins Max and Harvey, and Vinnie Jones got handed seats by Louis, Simon and Nicole respectively.

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But it could prove to be bad luck for Kevin, Vinnie or Max and Harvey.

Jonny Labey was eliminated the week after he got a Safe Seat, while No Love Lost got voted out after their safe spot.

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