Kingsford Releases Episode Two of 'Blaze with T-Pain'

Kingsford, the classic grilling company is back with episode two of its all-new content series, Blaze with T-Pain. Inspiring a new generation to fuel their passions — on and off the grill — Kingsford has chosen T-Pain to host the four-part series and act as the resident grill master. In episode two, the rapper and cultural tastemaker attempts to replicate renowned Chef Maricela Vega’s signature grilled cactus tacos topped with fresh salsa roja. This comes after episode one where T-Pain tried his hand at prepping tender lamb kebabs with Chef Meherwan.

This time around, the rapper utilized his culinary skills to demonstrate if he could handle the heat when grilling Chef Vega’s favorite Mexican recipe. Using fresh ingredients such as tomatoes, garlic, onions, limes, cilantro, and peppers, T-Pain didn’t break a sweat as the notable Chef followed his every move while grilling. With Kingsford’s unmatched charcoal, the cultural icon was able to bring out the rich, smoky flavors of the cactus tacos, allowing him to pass Chef Vega’s taste test and earn the coveted “Blaze” badge. “They said it couldn’t be done but guess what? It’s me, so I did it,” said T-Pain. “Now get out there and blaze your own trail!”

Presenting a fresh perspective on grilling and highlighting how old traditions can be made anew over fire, Blaze with T-Pain provides an inside look into modern-day cookout culture through the eyes of an iconic cultural tastemaker and pioneer.

Head to the brand’s website and check out episode two of the all-new content series Blaze with T-Pain from Kingsford.
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