Lana Del Rey Reveals Devices Containing Book Manuscript and Unreleased Music Were Stolen From Her Car

Lana Del Rey has opened up about a recent theft that caused her to lose unreleased music and the manuscript for her book. Opening up about the incident in a series of videos posted to social media, Del Rey revealed that the theft took place a few months ago and consisted of a laptop, three video cameras and multiple hard drives, all of which were swiped from her car while it was parked on Melrose Place in Los Angeles.

The singer said she was forced to wipe out her laptop remotely, causing her to lose a 200-page manuscript for her book with Simon & Schuster, which hadn’t been backed up, as well as recorded music.

“Despite that, people are still able, this week, to remotely access my phone and leak our songs and personal photos,” Del Rey said.

Although the singer was able to delete files from her laptop, she said she’s noticed the unreleased songs and personal photos being leaked online. The camcorders, meanwhile, featured footage of Del Rey’s family members.

“Please don’t listen to the music if you hear it because it’s not coming out yet,” she requested of fans. “And in terms of the book, I loved the book that I lost with all of my heart and put a lot of passion into it. And in terms of the camcorders, we shall see what happens with that.”

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