Microsoft and Google Pledge $30 Billion USD to Enhance Cybersecurity

Following a meeting with President Joe Biden regarding cybersecurity threats including the recent SolarWinds hack, Microsoft and Google have now pledged $30 billion USD to increase cybersecurity efforts over the next five years.

$20 billion USD of the sum will come from Microsoft, with $150 million USD to be used initially to expand the company’s training network via various non-profits and community colleges as well as upgrading the U.S. government’s own digital security systems spanning across federal, state, and local levels. The remaining $10 billion USD will come from Google, which will focus primarily on enhancing its zero-trust security model, expanding open-source security and securing software supply chains, and also fund more training for programmers.

As for Apple and Amazon, while neither has pledged any specific sum, both have offered to increase cybersecurity on their own platforms, with the latter tech giant also providing public training. Other smaller organizations such as, IBM and Girls Who Code have also announced plans to increase cybersecurity efforts.

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