Microsoft Is Banning “Unauthorized” Third-Party Xbox Controllers

Microsoft wants its users to use controllers developed in-house. The company has subtly announced that it’ll be blocking “unauthorized” third-party controllers and accessories from being used on the Xbox.

While no official public announcement was made, users on Resetera created a thread to warn fellow Xbox users about receiving an error message after connecting their own third-party controller. The warning reads that the user will be allowed to use the controller for two weeks, after which an error message will show up anytime they attempt to connect it.

From the moment you connect an unauthorized accessory and receive error code 0x82d60002, you’ll have two weeks to use the accessory, after which time it will then be blocked from use with the console,” Microsoft wrote in a note shared on the Xbox support forum, per The Verge. “At that time, you’ll receive error code 0x82d60003. We encourage you to contact the store or manufacturer where you obtained the accessory to get help with returning it.”

Controllers created through Xbox’s hardware partnership program will be considered “authorized” and therefore won’t be affected. Third-party developers – such as Razer, for instance – will be blocked from the console.

It’s not yet clear why Microsoft has implemented the policy but it’s possible the company wants to cut down on controllers that help players to cheat at games, or simply want to sell more of their own controllers.

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