Highway Code rule warning after update on passing zebra crossings in the rain

Summer 2023 is a thing of the past as the UK weather is certainly wet and windy now.

As it gets darker earlier now and feels more dull, it's important for drivers to take extra care on the roads. And it's worth noting the Highway Code rules are always changing.

Since the roads will be slightly moist as a result of the downpour, motorists must take it easy when cruising around and stopping for pedestrians.

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But according to Rule 19 of the Highway Code, it's important for pedestrians to take more care in the wetter months too. That's because they need to give drivers more time to stop.

The rule states: "Vehicles will need more time when the road is slippery. Wait until traffic has stopped from both directions or the road is clear before crossing.

"Remember traffic does not have to stop until someone moved onto the crossing. Drivers and riders should give way to pedestrians waiting to cross and must give way to pedestrians on a zebra crossing."

It also advised pedestrians to keep looking both ways and listening in case a driver or rider hasn't seen you properly or attempts to overtake a vehicle which has stopped.

As the wet season is in full swing, the ground would be slippery so it's important to take extra time when crossing the road.

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Recently a new Highway Code rule could see drivers slapped with £1,000 fine for breaking the law. Motorists might be hit with sanctions for simply touching their mobile phones behind the wheel.

It is believed those caught out will be hit with a £200 fine and six penalty points on their licence. However, these changes can rise to £1,000 if a driver is taken to court on the back of an infringement.

Fees can also become higher for bus and lorry drivers with a maximum penalty surging to £2,500.

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