Nashville’s Eastside Bowl Is the Stuff of Dreams

Nashville’s Eastside Bowl is not your average bowling alley. Rather, stepping into the 33,000 square foot space is like walking into a “dream-like state”, according to Urban Cowboy and Cowboy Creative co-founder, Lyon Porter. His studio was tapped to redesign the massive building, which was formerly a run-down K-Mart, into a multipurpose bowling alley, as well as a diner, lounge, arcade and a separate area for live events.

Notably inspired by the dream sequence from The Big Lebowski, the interior was designed with a maximalist approach — from a vibrant patterned carpet by Xee Summers, white leather seats in the diner and letterpress wallpaper by Clint Van Gemert to a disco ball from the 1950s and even gold paint accents that was sourced from the same paint that Gibson Guitars use for its premium Gold Top line.

The bowling alley is the brainchild of Chark Kinsolving, Jamie Rubin, and Tommy Pierce, three local musicians who have also worked extensively in Nashville on similar hotspots, such as the Mercy Lounge, The Family Wash and The Basement East. “I really hope it’s going to become an iconic landmark,” said Pierce in a past interview. “It’s built to accommodate the young families that live in the area. It’s built for all ages, and it’s by and for locals.”

Visit Eastside Bowl’s website to check out their full list of programming and upcoming events.

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Eastside Bowl
1508A Gallatin Pike S
Madison, TN 37115
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