Networking in Web3 Has Never Been This ‘Sleek’ In Bridging Cultural Barriers

Part of Web3, or the decentralized web, is figuring out how to decentralize the ways in which we network and connect with one another, especially at the increasing volume of global events and conferences that take place across Austin, Miami, New York, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the list goes on.

But how versatile are most people in Web3 when it comes to adjusting to more outspoken cultures at these globally held conferences? With hundreds of thousands of people traveling from all over the world, having a unified piece of tech that makes connecting with one another seamless, is something that hasn’t been seen yet, despite several attempts to make Telegram the platform of choice to connect through.

Ahead of NFT.NYC 2023, comes Sleek, a Hong-Kong based Web3 company that holds itself out as “the first NFC-powered, fully-personalized business card” that enables Web3 participants to seamlessly connect with all those newly established relationships they come back with from in-person events like NFT.NYC, Consensus, Art Basel, as well as connections made through Telegram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Discord, and more.

Launched in September 2022 by Chase Guo and Tania Tse, Sleek aims to help people connect better with one another, by utilizing NFC-chip technology, while also curating safe and inclusive spaces for like-minded individuals to meet and connect with one another in Asia and beyond.

Guo, whose foray into Web3 came about during the 2017 ICO boom, has been an active participant in multi-chain DeFi protocols ever since.

Tse, however, was on boarded by a Web3-native Turkish cat breeder after she opted to purchase her super rare blue golden British Shorthair cat in crypto – a real life crypto kitty!

The Hong Kong-based company has partnered with multiple Web3 communities, including BNB Chain, DeGods, Solana Foundation and MonkeDAO, in its efforts to enable Web3 networking among developers and builders in Asia.

Since its beta launch, Sleek has already accumulated 5,000+ active users who have generated over 40,000 connections directly resulting from business card’s utilization at events like Breakpoint, ETHDenver, Solana Hacker House, FOMO Asia, Art Basel Miami, NFT LA, and Paris Blockchain Week.

Some of Sleek’s more notable users include JBond, Shillin Villian, SOL Big Brain and BBRC founder, with the company emphasizing that users are making an average of 10 taps per day at these larger conferences.

Piloting IYKYK, a Web3 leaders lunch series, Sleek programmed its Sleek Telegram bot to generate prompts to get people talking during the speed-networking session that unfolded over a 3-course lunch at SoHo House HK.

In February, Hong Kong published its annual 2023-2024 budget, announcing that it would be earmarking $6.4 million USD for further expanding out the region’s Web3 ecosystems.

When Guo and Tse first started, they felt intimidated adjusting to more outspoken cultures present at Web3 conferences held in the U.S. and Europe.

Tse, frequently prepared scripts before these conferences, but found herself stumbling to get the right words out. The duo wanted to address this cultural barrier by building a product that would help enrich the “human connection” throughout these in-person events – the Sleek card.

“For anyone who is not as confident connecting with people IRL or has spent too much time behind the screens, I want the Sleek card to give them more control over sharing their identity and build their confidence to showcase who they truly are and their proudest achievements!” said co-founder, Tania.

Tse told Hypemoon that the Sleek card even helped connect a user at Vietnam’s 2023 Solana Hacker House with a Vietnamese developer who did not speak English. With a simple tap of his phone, the user’s NFT popped up and they were able to share in that mutual bond, without speaking the same language.

Another Sleek card user, who goes by the name Jinwoo, told Hypemoon that instead of taking their phone out to add the other person’s contact information, they just take it out and tap it.

“It opens my profile and shows the different methods to get in touch with me. For the counterparty, it helps them to see who, where, and what time we met. It’s definitely a great tool at these conferences,” Jinwoo added.

During NFT.NYC 2023 this week, Sleek powered the DeGod’s hotel experience by connecting holders via custom NFC membership cards specifically created for this event.

Those interested in getting their hands on a Sleek card can do so through their online store, where you can customize the card with your favorite NFT.

For more information on Sleek, you can visit and follow them at
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