Newest Action Stars Priya Kansara & Ritu Arya Reveal the Surprising Thing That Bonded Them While Filming 'Polite Society'

The upcoming action-packed South Asian movie Polite Society is one of those movies that is so many things in one, it’s hard to describe. It’s a story about love, family, betrayal, martial arts, and the list goes on. When the stars of the movie, Priya Kansara and Ritu Arya, sat down with SheKnows’ Reshma Gopaldas, they also scrambled to perfectly describe the movie’s synopsis. “Crazy,” “Sister,” “Heist,” “Epic” and “Lots of fury,” were just a few of those many descriptors.

In Polite Society, which premieres in theaters on April 28, Arya and Kansara play sisters Lena and Ria who are totally different but are also best friends. While Ria has high hopes of becoming the next great stuntwoman, Lena struggles to find her passion after dropping out of college. Everything changes, however, when Lena gets suddenly engaged and Ria’s alarm bells go off with suspicions about the fiancé Salim (Akshay Khanna).

On the screen, Arya and Kansara’s connection as sisters is so natural it made us wonder if they’re actually related in real life. “It was definitely very natural,” Arya said. “We got to have a little bit of rehearsal before we started and the first time we met it was a rehearsal, I bought Priya a gift, a card that said ‘We’re sisters’ and then I think I invited her over for breakfast and …made (her) an omelette that was very average.” Talk about big sister behavior!

“When you’re giving somebody a headlock between your legs, you feel close,” Kansara joked. After all, the two sisters share one of the most epic sister fight scenes we’ve ever seen. So much so that Gopaldas compared the two to Everything Everywhere All at Once‘s Michelle Yeoh.

“That is like the ultimate compliment,” Kansara said of the Oscar winner. “We love Michelle Yeoh. Who doesn’t love Michelle Yeoh?”

Arya and Kansara also talked about what scene they most enjoyed from one another, and it’s clear to see they’re each other biggest cheerleaders. “I really loved the scene when Lena and Salim go on a date,” Kansara said. “Both of your performances in that scene, it was top-notch. This is like a scene people should study in acting school like this is how you do chemistry and you do it right.”

Arya, on the other hand, admired Kansara’s comedian prowess. “I just loved watching Priya just shine on the screen, there’s just something so magnetic about this girl,” she said. “I keep just going back to the heist because it just made me laugh so much. Seeing you dressed in this mustache and doing this weird boy walk. Every time I see it it just makes me crack up.”

To watch these two completely command the screen in Polite Society, head to theaters starting April 28!

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