Nike Revamps a Classic With Floral Detailing and Recycled Materials

The footwear follows the traditional look of Nike’s basketball shoes with a retro midsole. It’s made of at least 20 percent recycled materials, with a rubber outsole blended with cork materials. The upper shoe is made from canvas and the heel and tongue are matched with cork elements.

The sneaker features a pomegranate plant motif embroidered on the heel, and has the plant’s scientific name — Punica Granatum — etched on the back of the shoe, along with the part of the plant used and its habitat of origin. The color scheme serves as an ode to nature and highlights the shoe’s unique design.

The classic redesigned is priced at 799 RMB ($120 USD) and can be purchased on the Nike website.

Nike has given the Blazer Mid ‘77 several makeovers in recent months, including a paint splattered version that dropped in January.
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