Pharrell Launches Podcasting Network OTHERtoneMedia

Pharrell is launching a podcasting network called OTHERtoneMedia. The network will kick-off with Pharrell’s own podcast, OTHERtone, hosted by himself alongside Scott Vener and Fam-Lay.

The first episode will arrive in five days, followed by new episodes recurring every Monday. According to a press release, the podcast will be an interview series that offers “a glimpse into the minds of our culture’s unicorns — how they think about life, art, and everything in between.” Covering a broad range of topics related to music, tech, business, art and fashion, Pharrell and his co-hosts will be speaking to a number of industry luminaries. “We want people to be inspired by the people who inspire us,” said Pharrell. “We’re excited to use OTHERtone as a platform to share inspiration with people at a time when inspiration is scant.” Guests like Eric Andre, Zendaya, Malcolm Gladwell, Rosalía and Harmony Korine are but a few big names who have already confirmed their appearances on the upcoming episodes.

Pharrell’s upcoming podcast OTHERtone will be streaming on Apple, Spotify, Amazon Music and Google Podcast, with the first episode to arrive on December 7.

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