Pharrell Williams and Jacob The Jeweler Share Personal Stories on Iconic Diamond Chains

Now, with JOOPITER’s Son of a Pharaoh auction well underway, JOOPITER has launched its first video interview exploring the origins of Pharrell Williams‘ diamond chains.

In the nine-minute video, both Pharrell and Jacob The Jeweler appear on camera for a look back at some of Skateboard P’s most famous pieces — from the diamond Tech Decks, Shepard Fairey-designed brain logo, to the epic pavé-Gucci-link N.E.R.D piece with multi-colored diamonds.

The two exchange personal stories on each piece of jewelry, and they even add a little bit of history on how it was Jacob that connected the dots with Pharrell and NIGO. Check out the video above to learn more.

In other jewelry news, take a closer look at the 19 Pharrell Williams-owned Jacob & Co. diamond pieces on JOOPITER.
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