Pornhub and Hajime Sorayama Link Up for Collaborative Capsule

The holidays have come early at Pornhub. The adult entertainment website has released an apparel collaboration with world renowned artist and Japanese illustrator, Hajime Sorayama. Known for his visionary work centered around the pursuit of beauty regarding the human body and the machine, Sorayama’s signature body of work, the “Sexy Robot” series has gained global acclaim.

Both Pornhub and Sorayama have garnered a worldwide reputation for their creative practices and have come together for the launch of a new apparel and accessory collaboration. Sorayama is the first to ever reimagine the iconic Pornhub logo in his own signature text style. Replacing the iconic emblem, the new logo bridges Pornhub’s motif with Sorayama’s. The collection features a limited edition offer of two distinctive hoodies and t-shirt designs. With the striking Pornhub x Sorayama emblem, the pieces feature an angelic graphic of a fembot and devilish macsbot in a sensual embrace. The collab also features a chrome embossed keychain in the reimagined logo, as well as a vinyl sticker. In a statement Hajime Sorayama said, “”We need to understand as human beings that we cannot survive without sex. Even though on many fronts humanity has advanced in the 21st century, the truth remains that we live in an increasingly war-torn world where censorship is also at an all-time high. This is the reason why I create porn-fetish paintings, to reveal these truths. I believe Pornhub has the same mission, with their values on the importance of liberty of expression, and freedom of sexuality.”

Modelling the collection is adult performer and social media sensation Kazumi, known for her bold approach to sex work. In the past, Sorayama has collaborated with The Weeknd’s After Hours Til Dawn tour and Kim Jones on the Dior Men’s collection in 2018. The collection is now available online
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