Nicholas Hoults trick to getting through completely nude scenes with 30 people

Nicholas Hoult revealed the trick he used to build up confidence for full-frontal nude scenes.

The actor, 33, has been filming sex scenes since he was a teenager thanks to his role as Tony Stonem in E4 drama Skins, which ran from 2007 until 2013. In 2020, he landed a lead part in historical and satirical comedy-drama series The Great.

The series follows notorious monarch Catherine the Great, played by Elle Fanning, and how she rose to rule Russia in the 18th century. Nicholas portrayed Catherine's husband, Peter III of Russia and the pair stripped naked for a number of raunchy moments.

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One scene in particular sees Nicholas' character strolling naked in front of more than 30 people. Filming this scene didn't come easy to the actor and he was forced to use the power of his mind to pull him through the embarrassing moment.

Speaking to The Guardian, he confessed: "I remember reading the script and saying to [The Great creator's Tony McNamara], 'Aaaaargh… I’m not sure about this one.' We had a debate about how many supporting artists would come in that day. It was originally 70 people in the corridor. I said, 'Can we get it down to about 30?'

The Mad Max star declared: "You have to switch off that part of your brain that’s saying, 'I don’t want to walk down a corridor naked.' You have to go: 'All right. I’m Peter. And I feel so confident, and I’m so happy and enlightened, that I’m going to walk down this corridor naked'."

"It’s an interesting trick to play on your brain," he added. Elle, 25, also discussed the hugely racy plotlines in a previous interview with Entertainment Weekly.

She told the publication: "Sex is also a real big part of the real Catherine the Great's life. She was notoriously kind of beyond her time in that way.

"She was very open and free and loved sex." Touching upon filming the scenes opposite her co-star, she added: "I think we both like to challenge ourselves, Nick and I, and we're trying to push each other's buttons and he's trying to make me laugh and trying to go there.

"So I think it really helps those scenes. But especially the scene where [they have to] count his thrusts to 100, that scene, we were dying. There's a real wide shot where we had to kind of go through the motions because we're way in the background and the other characters are talking. And it was hard. We were just crying with laughter.”

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