Princess Diana & Sarah Ferguson's Friendship Set an Impossible Standard For Meghan & Kate

In this generation of the royal family, Prince William and Prince Harry were the eligible princes whose wives the world was waiting to see; in the previous generation, it was Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward whose nuptials would add a new royal lady to the family and into the fray for the public to discuss. The eldest two, Charles and Andrew, didn’t disappoint for drama — people’s princess Diana Spencer and Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson not only made waves for their outspoken nature (and later, their divorces), but for their friendship, a coming-together of royal wives that only intensified the attention already on them. In a new interview, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, opens up about the close kinship she shared with the late Diana, and how the media strove to pit them against one another, and it’s an awfully familiar story to how tabloids have treated Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton these past few years.

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