Rollo Studio Looks to 3D Printing for Dune Collection

Since its 2020 founding, Rollo Studio has worked to expand the reality and creativity of lightning through its focus on cutting-edge tech. Now the Rotterdam, Netherlands-based independent design studio has unveiled its new Dune Collection.

Inspired by naturally formed desert landscapes, the lighting collection appears with enchanting curved lines and a soft, yet bold demeanor. But what makes the pieces’ creation all the more exciting is their build using 3D printing technology. Comprising 98% of the build is Bavarian quartz sand, which gives the lighting pieces their natural, yet subtly gritty texture. For printing, a natural resin binder was utilized to strengthen the structure while retaining the natural texture and color.

Once illuminated, the pieces give off an ambient red glow, which aptly channels the desert at dusk. Aside from its beauty and utility, the new pieces further the agenda of environmentally equitable craftsmanship as the production reduces waste and utilizes renewable natural materials.

To fit a variety of tastes, the lighting pieces come in three sizes variations: Dome, Barchan and Para.

Take a closer look at the offering in the gallery above. Rollo Studio’s new Dune Collection is available now online.

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