Kristen Bell Defends Daughters Drinking Non-Alcoholic Beer

"I'm not going to change based on what anybody else says because this is our family and not your business," said the actor.

Kristen Bell is doubling down on letting her daughters drink non-alcoholic beer.

While speaking with husband Dax Shepard on his podcast, Armchair Expert, the couple discussed how their parenting decisions sometimes spark controversy.

One in particular, was when Bell revealed that she lets her kids order non-alcoholic beers at restaurants while she was on The Kelly Clarkson Show. The couple share daughters Delta, 7, and Lincoln, 9, together.

“People were very upset about that,” reacted Shepard.

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“They’re allowed to be upset about that because they’re not their kids. It’s not your kid, you can think whatever you want,” said The Good Place actress.

“This is where we’re different and you’re at peace and I’m not. Orange juice has a .5% ABV alcohol by volume,” said Shepard. “Heineken has a 0.0… If you’re serving your kids orange juice, you’re serving them way more alcohol.”

“What’s so cute about you to me is that you are so logical and fact-driven and evidence-based, but if people want to be angry about something, they’re going to be angry about it,” noted Bell, who also added that the information has been released and it’s just taken out of context.

“When they have tried to order NAs at a restaurant or something, it’s because of a very specific connection to you. Because first of all, they’re educated on addiction and what substances are and how they affect your body and how scary they are and what they can do to you,” continued Bell.

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“I thought that was kind of a cute story but again, it turned into, ‘I let my kids drink,'” said Bell of the experience. “None of this seems to connect seeing as though you’re so open about sobriety and addiction and we’re a family that strives to educate everyone about substances.”

Shepard said that people coming after Bell’s parenting decisions, makes him “want to have a confrontation or a debate. I’m always going to feel protective.”

“If anyone has a problem that I let my kids drink NA beer sometimes, that’s fine with me. I’m not going to change based on what anybody else says because this is our family and not your business.”

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