Saint Avenue Unveils Exclusive Milwaukee Bucks Championship Jacket

Indianapolis-based streetwear brand Saint Avenue has teamed up with Utah-based knitwear manufacturer Coleman Knitting Mills to produce an exclusive Milwaukee Bucks Championship jacket for the entire team. The two companies wanted to commemorate the Bucks’ historic win by curating jackets exclusive to the players.

Designed by creative director and owner of Saint Avenue, LaStar Jackson, the patches featured throughout the jacket honor both past and present NBA Finals. The jacket’s exterior is made of wool and leather, while the inside contains a black silk lining. Additionally, the inside tag is unique to each player, containing their name and jersey number. The rest of the team names appear in a smaller font on the inside tag as well.

Although the jackets were created exclusively for the team, there are plans for replicas that will be made available for purchase.

In related news, the Antetokounmpo siblings became the first brother trio to all win NBA championships.
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