Secretlab's Metal MAGNUS Pro Is of the the Cleanest Sit-to-Stand Desks

Secretlab has just released one of the most comprehensive desks for gaming and productivity. More than a year after asking fans what they would like to see improved upon for its MAGNUS Metal Desk, the result is the MAGNUS Sit-to-Stand Metal Desk.

Ian Ang, co-founder and CEO of Secretlab, comments: “Secretlab has come to be synonymous with the best gaming chairs on the planet and experts in creating the best possible user experience, and we are just as serious about our desks. Together with the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022, the Secretlab MAGNUS Pro sets the stage to transform your workspace into a productivity powerhouse. Spend less time getting your space organized and comfortable, and more on the things that actually matter.”

The MAGNUS Sit-to-Stand Metal Desk incorporates a number of details that are both functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Keeping your workstation clean and clutter-free is a patent-pending integrated power supply column that runs from the base of the height-adjustable leg. This allows for a full-length cable management tray that is backed by the desk’s thermal circuit breaker. On top of keeping the surface streamlined via a number of hidden routing channels, the metal desk also sees the absence of a bulky control panel, where now, the entire LED-lit unit has been built into the edge for an uninterrupted plane.

Adding further to the capabilities of the desk are a number of accessories like the magnetic cable anchors, Secretlab MAGRGBTM Diffused LED Strip with Nanoleaf sync, MAGNUS monitor arms, Premium PC Mount, and full-surface MAGPAD desk mats. Available in a 1.5m and 1.77m XL version, each desk has a height adjustment range of 650mm-1250mm and can lift up to 120kg of gear with ease. Those looking for a complete sit-to-stand setup for their build can find the MAGNUS Pro over at Secretlab for a price of $799 – $949 USD.

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