Sega Reveals Lineup of 60 Games Arriving on the Genesis Mini 2

Sega has unveiled the full lineup of 60 games coming to the Genesis Mini 2. Among the roster of titles is Sonic 3D Blast, The Revenge of Shinobi, Night Trap and more.

The interactive fiction game Night Trap dates back to 1992. Based on the slasher film genre, the game is considered controversial for its depictions of violence, as its graphics are made up of live-action footage. In the game, the user plays as a Sega Control Attack Teamagent investigating the disappearance of five teenage girls.

1989’s The Revenge of Shinobi, meanwhile, is a sequel to the hack-and-slash Shinobi. Played on a side-scrolling platform, the user controls ninja Joe Musashi and must defeat several districts before taking on a final boss.

On Sonic 3D Blast, the player goes on a journey to rescue Flickies, birds captured by the evil Doctor Robotnik.

Other titles in the mix include Bonanza Bros., OutRun, Mansion of Hidden Souls, Night Striker and more. The Mini 2 also contains seven bonus games. Two are unreleased titles, and the remaining are new ports carried over from another console.

Sega announced the Mini 2 at the beginning of June as a revamped version of the 2019 console. Right now, the Mini 2 is only being sold through Amazon Japan. When it comes to storefronts in the West, the console will reportedly have a run of one-tenth of the units made available in Japan due to the semiconductor shortage.

Sega’s Genesis Mini 2 launches on October 27 in Japan.

In other gaming news, Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed announced an October release date.
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