Shoppers mock Zara coat photo saying model looks like she’s ‘going for a wee’

As the weather starts to cool off, you might need to start shopping for a new coat.

And if you start by looking at Zara you're likely to have yourself a good little giggle over one photo of a model showcasing a wool camel coat with patch pockets.

Shoppers on Twitter were left feeling rather amused after spotting that one of the images showed the model crouched down in a very awkward position.

One person even joked that she looked like she was "squatting for a wee".

The image of the model's unusual pose, with the coat draped over her shoulders as she squats down, with her hands on her face, was shared online.

The poster wrote: "Thanks Zara. this is exactly the pose I wanna see for a coat."

Her tweet went viral, with thousands liking and sharing it and as a result it sparked a number of jokes from people.

Someone else replied: "The amount of times I sit like this and think wow I could really do with a coat."

Another user listed all of the 'pros' of the jacket.

They said: "Provides convenient cover for when you need to stop, drop and pee.

"Simply turn up the collar for added identity-protection.

"Be mistaken for a giant hound in your local park. Everything you could ever want in a coat."

The long sleeve coat is currently available to buy on Zara's website for £129.

It's available in a number of sizes, but has already sold out in XXL.

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