Sony Is Releasing the Gray Camouflage Collection for the PS5

Sony‘s PlayStation 5 continues to be a difficult find for gaming enthusiasts everywhere. While this is the case, the gaming company shows no signs of stopping, releasing a customization option for the console, set to arrive later this Fall.

Gearing up for the Fall season, Sony is releasing the Gray Camouflage collection for the PS5. The customization pack includes a set of new plates for the console, as well as the ones for the matching DualSense controller and Pulse headset. The muted grey camouflage design offers a fresher and more contemporary feel to the iconic console. As a nod to the PlayStation Shapes, fans can see them subtly incorporated into the patterned design.

Those looking to order the new Gray Camouflage collection can pre-order starting on September 15. As for the DualSense wireless controller as well as the PS5 console covers, they will launch globally starting on October 14. The ulse 3D wireless headset will launch in December, though the exact date has not yet been confirmed. Fans in the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg who have early access will be able to go on PlayStation to place their orders.

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