Spencer Badu Explores the World of Migration for FW22

Spencer Badu has just unveiled its new “011” collection — and it’s arrived with a mix of fitted and oversized silhouettes, all of which explore the importance of bold colors and vibrancy.

The collection as a whole explores the idea of migration and reflects on the journey Spencer Badu’s parents endured from Ghana to Europe and North America. In keeping with this journey across the globe, the featured styles juxtapose the classic outdoor uniforms across several continents and how one would adjust to the different climates and cultures.

With this being said, the “011” collection taps into the world of dance culture, and in collaboration with graphic designer Mike Sunday, the duo has curated a selection of garments that reference classic Afro-Caribbean clothing items with denim, tracksuits, golf shirts, and tailoring.

“011” also includes a melange of knitwear; multi-colored tank tops are presented that highlight historical knitting methods that add a lightweight feel along with spacing between the ribs to add extra breathability. Additionally, the collection also taps into sportswear, intending to add a different approach to everyday wardrobe staples.

Rounding off the collection, Spencer Badu has introduced a melange of deadstock denim which has been used to give the fabrications a second lease of life, while the tailoring section of the capsule uses hidden pockets to its full advantage with tight linings and water-repellent, recycled nylon.

You can have a closer look at the “011” collection from Spencer Badu above and it is available on the official website now.

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