Spotify Introduces Interactive Polls and Q&A Features for Podcasts

Spotify on Thursday announced that podcast creators who produce their shows in Anchor, the streaming service’s creation software, will now be able to incorporate interactive polls and Q&As in their programs.

Polls and Q&As will appear at the bottom of a podcast episode page on the Spotify mobile app on both iOS and Android, where users can respond to a given prompt while listening to a podcast. After submitting a response to a poll, listeners will immediately see how the rest of the participating audience voted in comparison to their own answer.

Q&A responses, however, will be delivered privately to the podcast creator, who can then select specific responses to pin publicly alongside the listener’s Spotify username below their question.

At this time, the feature is exclusively available on Anchor, meaning those who use Megaphone, Spotify’s hosting interface, will not be able to access polls and Q&As. Additionally, Anchor currently only supports adding one poll and one Q&A to an individual episode, and the interactive activation is only available on the Spotify app.

The new features, which were previously being tested among a select group of creators, are now being rolled out across 160 markets around the world.

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