Steven Harrington Worked With Disney on a Plush Corduroy Mickey Mouse

For nearly a century, Mickey Mouse has served as both a loveable childhood friend and an artistic muse for creatives all around the world. As an artist who’s created his own universe of characters, it came natural for Steven Harrington to work with Disney on his own iteration of the iconic mouse.

Produced by APPortfolio, the large plush collectible is made with corduroy and features an array of sun-bleached colors and textures throughout. Well-known for his psychedelic-pop aesthetic, Harrington imbues each corner of the Mickey figure with vibrant patterns that each carry a chillness that has become emblematic of his career.

“Mickey Harrington” joins a suite of sculptural collaborations that the Los Angeles artist has worked on in recent times, including a pewter [email protected], Doobie the Skate Rat and a custom Pupazzo with Moncler.

Limited to an edition of 500, “Mickey Harrington” is nearly three-feet in size and will be available to pre-order for approximately $969 USD on March 25 at 7am PST via APPortfolio. The plush figure will start shipping around May to June.

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