Take a Closer Look at the Fendi x SKIMS Collection

Fendi and SKIMS have officially announced their latest debut capsule collection. Helmed by Kim Jones and Kim Kardashian West, the two have unified their aesthetic codes to create a collaboration that caters to the modern woman.

The capsule draws from Karl Lagerfeld‘s 1979 archival Fendi collection, highlighting the pops of color and pieces that point towards twisted tube tops and tight sashes as the aesthetic of the silhouettes. The collection stays true to the iconic form-fitting SKIMS shape, utilizing engineered velvet for better support. Additional colorways include a wide range of neutral shades, meticulously crafted into bonded leather dresses that provide a statuesque look inspired by the Roman era. Kim Kardashian West shares her thoughts on the collection stating,

“Both Fendi and SKIMS have a cultural power very different from each other, but equally as strong. We share a desire to push boundaries, think differently and challenge convention which is why we found so much common ground collaborating on this collection together.”

Kim Jones believes that SKIM and Fendi share the same ethos. Jones expresses that his vision for Fendi designs for “every woman, every different shape,” is similar to that of SKIMS. He adds, “Kim Kardashian West is doing a lot to celebrate inclusivity including her admirable work with social justice in America and as a hard working woman with a family, she is constantly
striving to do her best. These values are something to celebrate.”

Take a closer look at the Fendi x SKIMS collection above.

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