The 19 Best And Funniest Tumblr Posts I Saw This Month

1.On stock:

2.On pet names:

3.On the afterlife:

4.On language:

5.On common sayings:

6.On Victorian slang:

7.On gender:

8.On dick pics:

9.On employment:

10.On superpowers:

11.On Spider-Man leaving the MCU:

12.On super villains:

13.On spies:

14.On small triumphs:

15.On essays:

16.On women:

17.On fads:

18.On historical events:

19.And lastly, on billionaires:

The 18 Best Tumblr Posts I Saw In July 2019

21 Of The Best And Funniest Tumblr Posts I Came Across In June 2019

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