These Old Photos Of Zendaya Were A Lot Of Us In The Early-2010s

So obviously we know Zendaya as a fashion icon.

A Zendaya stan dug up her social media pics from the early-2010s, and they’re kinda iconic.

Yeah, these outfits are funny to look at now, but I also feel seen because a lot of us went through this exact phase during those years.

For example, she took fashion ~risks~?.

She had “swag” ?.

She drowned her selfies in filters ?.

She made ~statements~ with her posts.

She wore sneaker heels!!!

And she used #MirrorEffects.

And now, just like us, Zendaya cringes thinking about her early-2010s phase.

She truly is one of the people!

K, thanks, byeeee!✌️

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