Vanderhall's Electric Brawley 4×4 Is Priced at $34,950 USD

After delivering a three-wheeled Edison roadster, Vanderhall USA is back with another electric vehicle, this time with something for the off-roading community.

Named the Brawley, the electric 4×4 delivers 404 horsepower via four individually controlled electric motors and has a range of 200 miles. Other features include a multitude of driving modes, 35-inch tires, 18-inch wheels, heat and air-conditioning, a sealed cabin with air filtration, internal bypass shocks, and 22-inch of suspension travel.

While the Brawley is not road-legal, its price of $34,950 USD is accessible to those looking to do some off-roading during the weekends. Head over to Vanderhall USA to reserve one today for $100 USD.

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