Watch This Japanese Woodcarver Create Household Goods Themed After Pokémon

Self-taught Japanese woodcarver warkingpoppo has a love for creating cute and clever household items themed after Pokémon. From Ditto dishes to Odish salt shakers, fans are enjoying the artist’s creative way of portraying their favorite pocket monsters.

Each one of warkingpoppo’s videos breaks down the process from start to finish — from a block of wood to a finely sanded and varnished work of art. One of the more recent and intricate builds arrives in the form of a Victreebel toothpick holder where the pitcher plant shape has been recreated out of wood and hollowed out to hold a handful of toothpicks. The design incorporates wire and hemp to assist in the opening of the lid.

Fans of Pokémon and handmade goods will want to check out the video above. Check out Warkingpoppo’s other wooden Pokémon below.

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