Why Serena Williams Won't Give Parenting Advice to Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle and Serena Williams’s friendship has been the subject of much media attention, particularly after Williams hosted her extravagant NYC baby shower. The tennis pro has already met Archie — but according to a recent interview on BBC Breakfast, Serena Williams won’t give Meghan Markle parenting advice for baby Archie anytime soon. Williams’s view is this: Until the first few months have passed, parenting advice is just an unnecessary pile-on. Once Meghan has (somewhat) adjusted, Williams will be happy to discuss trade secrets.

Williams recently became a mother herself; she gave birth to daughter Alexis Ohanion Jr. in 2017. When asked on BBC Breakfast about parenting advice for Meghan Markle, Williams quickly dismissed the idea that she was somehow guiding the Duchess through this time. “I never pass on words of wisdom, especially when you’ve just had a baby – it’s so difficult to just be,” the tennis star reflected. “I’ll let her get through the first three months at least first, then we can talk.’”

While Williams may not have advice on how to deal with baby Archie, she certainly has thoughts on what it means to be a mother — and how it’s changed her personally. “Becoming a mum has changed my perspective on a lot of things, I want to leave a legacy. I want to be this positive person for my daughter – everything I do I want to do for my daughter,” she shared on the morning show. And for a lot of that, she plans to follow in her own parents’ footsteps: “I had a really good environment growing up and loved having sisters around,” she says. “I’m definitely going to incorporate a lot of the stuff my parents did for me.”

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Williams also took a moment to reflect on growing up in the world of social media and the unique challenges that presents — an issue deeply relevant for Meghan as well. “I can’t imagine growing up nowadays, in this time,” the 37-year-old athlete admits, “But I have to imagine it, because I have a daughter so I have to put myself in that situation and think what do I want out of that.” She may not have the answers all figured out just yet, but Williams knows how important it is to “believe in yourself,” and intends to pass that message on to her daughter.

As parents all too familiar with the damaging effects of modern media, we’re sure Meghan and Williams will pay careful attention to the role that plays in their children’s lives. And since Williams has a head start, hopefully she can share some tips — once Archie is a few months older, of course.

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