Adorable moment Prince Louis shares Paddington drawing with royal fan

Sharing is caring! Adorable moment Prince Louis gives Paddington bear drawing to royal fan speaking to Princess of Wales on Sandringham estate

  • Prince Louis, four, was seen sharing a sweet drawing with his mother
  • Louis saw a fan handing the Paddington drawing to Colonel Johnny Thompson
  • Sweet footage shows the royal asking to take a closer look at Paddington bear 
  • Read More: Kate tells young fan George, Charlotte and Louis had her up early on Christmas Day and got ‘lots of lovely things’

This is the adorable moment Prince Louis shared a Paddington bear drawing with a royal fan on the Sandringham estate yesterday.

The Prince and Princess of Wales’ youngest child, four, joined his family for the annual Christmas church service at St Mary Magdalene church.

Ahead of the service, the Wales family greeted well-wishers lining the route to the church – where a royal fan handed a drawing of Paddington bear to Lt. Colonel Johnny Thompson.

However, the sweet drawing caught Prince Louis’ eye and prompted the youngster to show the Princess of Wales – who was busy speaking with a young well-wisher. 

Prince Louis seen asking Lt. Colonel Johnny Thompson for the Paddington Bear drawing

In footage posted by Twitter user @royalintstablog, Prince Louis is seen holding out his hand as he asked to take a closer look at the drawing.

After quickly examining it himself, the four-year-old then hands it over to his mother – who crouches down to show a young girl of a similar age to Louis.

In the background, crowds of well-wishers can be heard saying: ‘Merry Christmas Louis!’

Having captured the sweet interaction on camera, the royal fan captioned the clip on Twitter: ‘Moment Prince Louis receives a Paddington Bear picture from Lt. Colonel Johnny Thompson and hands it over to his mummy.’

The four-year-old then handed the drawing to his mother to show a young royal fan

The Princess of Wales then crouched down next to the fan to give her a closer look

‘So cutee,’ one fan replied.

‘You can tell Kate is a naturally attentive,’ another gushed. ‘The way she acknowledged Louis while still engaging with the individual is textbook.’

Meanwhile, a third said: ‘Did he give it her to give to that little girl ❤️❤️’ 

Paddington became a totem for the Queen in the months following her death because one of her last public appearances was in the delightful sketch she filmed with him for her Platinum Jubilee. 

Yesterday marked the first time Prince Louis had ever attended the Christmas church service with his family. 

While greeting royal fans on the Sandringham estate, the Princess of Wales told one well-wisher that her children ‘got lots of lovely things’ this year but had ‘quite an early start’.

As the Royal Family joined King Charles yesterday on his walkabout outside Sandringham church, Kate was spotted talking with a young girl about her day so far.

The young fan, named India, was filmed giving the Princess a bouquet of flowers, which she was thanked for.

Kate went on to ask India: ‘Have you had a nice morning?’ 

The Princess said: ‘I’ve had a lovely morning thank you very much – I had quite an early start this morning’

The fan, named India, gave the Princess a bouquet of flowers, which she thanked her for

India replied: ‘Yes, have you?’

Kate then said: ‘I’ve had a lovely morning – thank you very much – I had quite an early start this morning.’

Another member of the public is heard jumping into the conversation to ask: ‘Did the children get lots of nice things?’

The Princess then said ‘they got lots of lovely things’, before walking on.

It was also claimed that Prince William commented on the children’s presents when talking with the fans today.

George, nine, Charlotte, seven, and Louis , four, joined their family on the walkabout 

Hilary Marsh, 71, from Suffolk said: ‘I asked William if Father Christmas had been for the children and he smiled back and said, “They’ve had enough presents”.’

William and Kate’s three children were also at the walkabout and spoke with well-wishers from members of the public after their traditional Christmas Day church service on the Norfolk estate.

George, nine, Charlotte, seven, and Louis , four, also received some presents from those waiting outside on Christmas. 

Ms Clark, who was among the crowds, gave each of the three children a novelty toy called a gonk – a festive gnome with a pointed hat. She also gave flowers to Kate.

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