After Adorable Twitter Exchange, Dionne Warwick and Chance the Rapper Announce Collab Charity Single

Warwick shared their collaboration on a new song, “Nothing’s Impossible,” benefiting the Hunger Not Impossible initiative.

Dionne Warwick is clearly having a blast on social media, reaching out to artists she likes and making fun of their use of the word “the” in their stage names. And now she’s using one of those new connections to help those in need.

Hilariously, as she teased she might do when she first reached out to Chance the Rapper, Dionne made the announcement by first identifying herself as “Dionne The Singer,” adding that the pair are “coming together to do a bit of good. That’s what it’s all about.”

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Warwick and Chance already stole America’s heart with their uplifting Twitter exchange this past weekend when Warwick asked him, “If you are very obviously a rapper why did you put it in your stage name?”

Chance simply responded that he was “freaking out” that the legendary singer even knows who he is. Apparently what she wanted him to be was an artist she could now say she’s worked with.

Warwick’s son, Damon Elliott — who is also a record producer and manager — said in a statement he shared from Newswire that she and Chance had spoken directly after their public exchange, and it led to a discussion of the Hunger Not Impossible initiative, which will benefit from proceeds generated by the upcoming single.

“The result of our conversation with Chance is this new single we’ll be recording soon and we’re all looking forward to this collaboration,” said Elliott.

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“We’re trying to make this something that will permeate the entire Earth, so that there are no more hungry people everywhere or anywhere,” added Warwick.

According to a release received by JustJared, the track will feature additional artists. Perhaps she can lock The Weeknd in. After all, as soon as she was done poking fun at Chance, she turned her attention to the R&B star because of his “The” in his name, and because “it’s not even spelled correctly.

You can check out some of Warwick’s best recent exchanges here:

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On Monday, Warwick set out to set the record straight as to just who is behind her viral Twitter feed. In one interview, she flat-out said she does not manage her account herself, instead crediting her niece Brittani.

“I have my niece, Brittani is a hysterical person. She’s funny as all get out,” Warwick told Andy Cohen on Monday. “I told her she should have been a comedienne.”

She added that her niece “has a wonderful way with words and my PR people also feel that they, they can put a little few things in there for me.”

But she has also consistently shot down reports that she does not man her own feed, going so far as to post a new video on the same day she spoke with Cohen for “all you tweeters who decided I don’t tweet my own stuff.”

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Once again, she credited her niece with showing her how it all works, but this time she said she’s having a lot of fun and doing it herself. “So, that should quell all you naysayers. And if it doesn’t, deal with it,” she concluded.

So perhaps the answer is that Warwick mans her Twitter feed along with her niece, and perhaps some other members of her staff. However she’s got it worked out, though, it’s clearly working.

She’s gaining a ton of attention for her adorable and friendly jabs at fellow artists, and now those very exchanges are leading to an exciting new collaboration for a worthy cause. It just proves it is possible to use these social media tools for good.

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