Aussie cleaning queen reveals how she deep cleans her dishwasher

Cleaning queen reveals how she keeps her dishwasher in near-new condition using a five-step deep clean

  • Cleaning sensation Mama Mila has revealed how to deep clean a dishwasher
  • The mum shared the simple five step method she uses to clean her dishwasher 
  • This advice is the latest shared by the expert Aussie cleaner and mum-of-two
  • The influencer often shares top tips for cleaning different kitchen appliances

An Australian cleaning ‘queen’ has revealed her favourite deep cleaning method to make your dishwasher look sparkling clean in no time at all.

Chantel Mila, who is better known as Mama Mila on TikTok, shared the five step process with her followers on the social media website.

The Melbourne-based mum-of-two reminded her fans that although it’s often overlooked, the dishwasher needs a deep clean too.

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Chantel Mila, the mum behind the popular Mama Mila cleaning page, shared her five step dishwasher deep clean video as dishwashers are often overlooked for a deep clean

The mum shared her five step process to TikTok, where its been viewed thousands of times. The steps included cleaning the filters, cleaning the seals and washing the dishwasher with white vinegar

‘When was the last time you gave your dishwasher a deep clean?’ the Australian cleaning expert and mum asked when she shared her five step cleaning method.

Chantel’s first step in her deep clean process is to remove the filters and empty them.

She then soaks the filters in warm, soapy water before putting them back into the dishwasher.

1. Remove the filters and empty them 

2. Soak the filters in warm, soapy water before replacing them

3. Spray the seals with disinfectant and clean them

4. Place one cup of white vinegar on the bottom rack of the dishwasher and runs the machine empty on eco

5. Leave the dishwasher open and allow it to air dry

The mum then advises her followers to spray the seals with disinfectant and clean them thoroughly.

The mum places one cup of white wine vinegar on the bottom rack of the dishwasher and runs the machine empty on an eco cycle.

Finally she leaves the dishwasher open and allows it to air dry. 

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How to make your oven look sparkling with a simple no scrub method

Chantel Mila mixes a cup of baking soda with a quarter of a cup of dishwashing liquid and a dash of water to make a cleaning paste.

She then applies the solution to the stove top or oven using a paintbrush before leaving it for two hours.

The mix breaks down grease and grime, and should be left for as long as possible, overnight gives best results. When the mix is wiped off a shining oven and stove should be revealed.

First Mila brushes the special mix on the oven and cook top before leaving it for two hours. When she wipes it off they are sparkling clean



Previously she used just two household staples to get her kitchen appliances sparkling in seconds: a hairdryer and lemon.

Chantel uses a hairdryer to blow the crumbs from her unplugged toaster, then empties and washes the tray.

To deep clean her kettle she boils lemon slices inside which removes the limescale and leaves the kettle ‘shining’.

Chantel Mila often shares her top kitchen and home cleaning and styling tips with her millions of followers

So easy, you can do it while dinner is cooking 🥘 When was the last time you cleaned your kettle and toaster? #cleaninghacks #cleanhome #hometips #kitchenhacks #homesweethome

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