Bloke flies 3,500 miles to meet online date 28 years younger than him

A couple who are 28-years apart have opened up about their unlikely love after meeting on a band’s Facebook fan page.

Jeremy, 47, from Vermont, US, and Charline, 19, from Brussels, Belgium, lived 3,500 miles apart when she first started talking on the internet in 2020.

The pair met just after the coronavirus pandemic caused a wave of lockdowns around the world.

Charline told the Mirror: “I posted a picture on the 21 Pilots fan Facebook group and asked people what their favourite song was.

“Jeremy answered and I didn’t really react to his comments, but then he found me on Instagram and we started chatting on there.”

The duo realised that they had a lot in common and slowly began talking online more and more.

Jeremy, a teacher, noted: “If it wasn’t for coronavirus, I don’t know if this would have happened.

“But because I was in quarantine, I was online more than I would have been in normal life.”

After a while, Jeremy would begin waking up and wondering if Charline was awake – he was always keen to talk to her despite the 3,500 miles between them and their 28-year age gap.

Jeremy claimed that he’d never normally date someone so young, but began to have feelings for Charline just a week into chatting.

He added: “I was excited to talk to her and I knew very quickly I enjoyed speaking to her.

“I’ve had girls who live 70 miles away asking if I wanted to be in a relationship with them and I’ve always said no because I can’t do long distance. But with Charline, all the rules went out the window.”

Charline added: “Something just happened between us, I can’t really explain it. We chatted every day, all day long.”

For a year, the pair managed to have a long distance relationship while waiting for Covid restrictions to end.

Then, Jeremy booked an eight day trip to Brussels in June hoping that the borders would be open in time – and restrictions lifted just a week before his flight out.

Jeremy said: “I went over there on 30th June. Neither of us were nervous about meeting because we already knew each other so well.

“Seeing each other for the first time, there was an immediate connection.

“It was my favourite moment of my whole life, seeing her for the first time.

“It was absolutely magical.

“At my age, I’d given up on finding love. I thought I’d settle for just being a cool uncle, but now people tell me I’m living a fairy tale.”

And, despite the almost 30 years between them age isn’t an issue for the pair.

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Jeremy laughed: “I’m very childlike – I have Peter Pan syndrome.

“I’m the teacher that jumps on the tables.

“I’m very immature for my age, and Charline is very mature for her age. Neither of us notice an age gap between us because she’s an old soul and I’m a young soul.”

Now, the pair plan to meet up again at Christmas.

Jeremy said: “We have a plan for me to fly out on 26th December and stay until 8th January, but we don’t know what will happen with restrictions.

“She’s literally my dream girl. We’ve had this discussion many times and we know we want a future together.

“We’re both ready to move in tomorrow but between covid and timelines, we don’t know yet.”

Charline added: “My primary need is to be with him, even if I wait a few years to go to college. We spent a week together and it was the best week of my life, so my priority is to be with him.”

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